PowerPoint and YouTube – Errors and Autoplay

June 10, 2015 Update:  YouTube recently removed the “Old Embed Code” function.  For my newest post regarding this issue, click here.

August 31, 2013 Update:  I had written this blog in January 2013, and at the time everything worked.  I was about to redo my presentation, but this time the video wouldn’t embed.  PowerPoint gave me an error message that it couldn’t embed the video using THIS embed code (which worked fine seven months ago).  Ah… Microsoft.

After lots of Googling (and no Binging) I found this answer on a Microsoft Answers site.  Anyone can find it as long as keep reading and scrolling down and down and down.

Short answer: in the html embed code, make these changes twice.

version=3 becomes version=2

And now back to my original blog about AutoPlay:

I am doing a beginning PowerPoint workshop at the University.  I am going to show a group how to embed a YouTube video.  Of course, the video only starts on a mouse click, even though you select Start Automatically in the Playback tab>Video Options>Start drop down.  Now what?  Google, of course.

The first thirty suggestions I found merely suggest using a different product than PowerPoint (no, I’m not going to use your link and download something unknown to my computer) or use a “free” download to hack YouTube (also, not a great idea).
Then, ta da… a site that shows helpful html code for YouTube.  When you embed a video in PowerPoint (another lesson for another day), you have to copy the html code.  I always “Use Old HTML Code,” by the way.  This site “YouTube Embed Code:  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know” shows you the sneaky, and fairly easy codes to add.
For my situation, all you have to do is go to the end of the link in the first line of code and add:
; autoplay=1
to the code.
Long story short, I found an ultra adorable video of a little boy and his dad having fun with Oreos.  I want to embed it.  I click Share/Embed/Use Old Embed Code.  I copy the code.  In PowerPoint, go to the Insert tab>Media section>Video>Video from Web Site window and paste the code into PowerPoint.  Just before the first quote and right-angle-bracket, I’m going to change the original code from this:
to this: 
<param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/Oe6lBGO6OSk?version=2&hl=en_US;autoplay=1“>
Click Insert. It works.  If only I’d known this about ten PowerPoint shows previously.
And if you’re curious, click here to see the cute video.  Does anyone know the language?  


  1. A thousand \”Thank You's\” for finally ending several frustrating hours of \”why won't the video automatically play???!!!\” Once I figured out where to insert that magic little \”autoplay=1\” into the code, it worked! YES! A simple, easy to understand resolution! Whoo-hoo!!!


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