Giving Your Assistant Permission to Set Appointments on Your Calendar in Outlook 2010

We have a policy in my office that we all have editing privileges to each calendar.  That way we can make appointments with clients for each other.  Why go through all this trouble?  If you don’t, every time you make an appointment for someone else, it will also show up on your calendar and you are invited to the appointment.

Here is how to give your coworkers Editor privileges to your calendar.  (You have to do it; your secretary can’t unless you give them your password, which is usually considered bad form in most work places.)

Open Outlook.  Click on Calendar in the left hand navigation pane.  Right click on My Calendar and select Properties.

Go to the Permissions tab.  To make this much easier in the future, click on the first name in the list which is Default.

In the Permissions section below, click on the drop down arrow and select Editor from the list.  Click Apply at the bottom.  Now, anyone with whom your share your calendar will be an Editor.  You may change that by following the same procedure and switching the Permission Level.
So, now let’s add the members of your staff who set appointments on your calendar.  Click Add.  Type in the name of your coworker and click OK.  That person will now be set as an Editor.  When you are finished, click OK to close the window. The new editors will be able to see your calendar, make appointments, and cancel appointments.

You may still keep some appointments private, by clicking te little lock icon when you make or edit the appointment.  It’s in the Appointment tab>Tags section, next to Categorize.

As a courtesy, after I make an appointment on someone’s calendar, I always invite them, too.  That way they get an email reminder, but they do not have to accept the appointment, it is already there.

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