Excel Basics

I am a guest blogger on Noobie.com.  They asked me to create some new-to-Excel posts for beginners.  Just click the links below to go right to those lessons:

Excel Spreadsheet Basics Everyone Should Know:  a tour of Excel, discussion of the cursors, and how to move around

Formatting Cells in Excel For a Better Understanding of Information:  basic formatting

Excel Dates | How to Format Dates in Excel:  use Excel’s formatting shortcuts and more advanced formatting features to make your dates just the way you want them.

Excel Formulas and Dollar Format:  create a simple spreadsheet multiplying quantity and price to get the cost, plus adding up the sales

Excel Tables | How To Format Excel Tables with Total Sort and Filter:  format information as a table so you can sort and filter

How To Create Charts and Graphs in Excelmake your numbers visual with a chart or graph

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