Show Desktop with a Quick Shortcut in Windows

Look at the clock on the right side of the Task Bar.  The Task Bar is that horizontal bar on the bottom of your screen, unless you’ve moved it.  Next to the time, in the very righthand bottom corner of your screen, is a transparent, vertical rectangle.  Roll your mouse over it, and the words “Show Desktop” will appear along with an image of your desktop as if you were seeing it behind glass (or a “Window” – see the pattern here?)

Click the rectangle, and your computer will immediately go to your desktop with all your current work minimized.  Your desktop is the computer screen without any “Windows” or work open.  Minimized means the “Windows” shrink and hide in the Task Bar.  You haven’t lost your work, it is simply hiding to make more room for other things.
Click the “Show Desktop” rectangle again and all your windows will reappear.

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