Publisher’s Master Page – Putting Something on Every Page

Let’s say you are creating a four-page newsletter or booklet.  You want a little bar of color across the top and bottom of every page.  Any time you want something on every page, you don’t want to spend time adjusting it on each page, right?  Plus, what if it’s crooked on one page?

Same lines on each page

On the View tab>Views section>go to the Master Page.  Suddenly, you are looking at a blank “Master” page. 

Master Pages of a booklet

Anything and everything you put on this “Master” page will appear on each page of your document.  Do you want a bright red square in the middle?  Put it on the Master page. 

Close the Master by clicking the large Master Page “X.”  Now look at your document.  Each page has a big red square.  Try to delete it? Nothing happens.  You can only delete “Master Page” items from the Master page.

Master Page Red Square on Pages

Tip:  Sometimes you want to cover up one of the “red squares” or bars of color on a the first page, or any page, without changing your Master page.  Just draw a white box with no outline (or a white outline) over the red square or bar of color.  Your Master page objects will always be on the bottom layer of your Publisher document.  For about layers, see Publisher Layers – Bring Forward and Send Backward.

White Square to Hide Objects from Master Page

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