Windows Desktop Themes – Change with the Seasons

You can change the look of your desktop for two basic reasons: to make it more “readable” or to make it more festive. For example, let’s use Autumn Leaves or Christmas Lights.

Windows automatically comes with several themes, from light to dark. Some of the themes can offer higher contrast so they are easier to see.

Standard Themes

To browse through the built-in Microsoft Windows 11 themes, right-click anywhere on your Windows desktop.  Do not right-click on an open window or the Toolbar. Choose “Personalize” on the pop-up menu.

Desktop right-click>Personalize

Click on the small thumbnail sample pictures at the top to “Select a theme to apply.”  Dark themes will keep the Taskbar dark, but the open windows will have a dark theme.  The blue “flower” theme will turn the Taskbar light, but the open windows will stick with a light theme.

Windows Settings > Personalization Window

If your happy with the results, close the Personalization window by clicking the Exit “X” on the top right.

More Themes

Would you like to see more, perhaps a seasonal image on your Desktop? Let’s say a dozen images that change every hour or so?

To select more Themes from the Microsoft Store, click on the Themes option below the images.  You can “Get more themes from Microsoft Store” by selecting “Browse Themes.

Windows Settings > Personalization > Themes Window

In the Microsoft Store window, type “Themes” in the Search bar.  You can also add words such as “autumn” to your search, for example, type “autumn themes” and press Enter.

Click on a theme you like, but pay attention to the ratings and make sure it is free before clicking.  Read the reviews.  Many themes will rotate between multiple images. Click “Get” to install on your computer.

Mirosoft Store > Autumn Colors Theme

When the download is complete, click “Open.”  This will return you to your Personalization>Theme page.  Select the newly installed theme and see how your desktop looks.  I also recommend opening your File Explorer window to check if the color scheme or contrast has changed.

If you do not like it, simply click on another Theme from the Personalization>Theme page.  Your installed themes will not show up on the Personalization page.  You must click on Theme to get to that page.

To return to your desktop, close the Personalization window by clicking the Exit “X” on the top right.

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